Diagnostic Testing

Has your pet been showing any signs of sickness, illness, weight loss, or any other concerns? Humans have the benefit of telling our doctors how we feel or the symptoms we have to help direct treatment. With pets, it’s not usually straightforward since our animal family members can’t tell us when something is bothering them. Animals also can hide the signs of illness or disease for long periods. During this time, the disease can progress and worsen.

Since our pets can’t speak, we have to rely on veterinary diagnostic testing to help get the answers we need to direct treatments. These tools allow us to conduct an internal and external evaluation of your pet’s health. Faster diagnosis of your pet’s illness or injury can improve the chances of a positive outcome and resolution for your family member.

Noblesville Square Animal Clinic can provide laboratory testing through our on-site diagnostic laboratory as well as utilization of an outside diagnostic laboratory. Our clinic laboratory equipment will allow us to have a treatment plan in place before you and your family member leave the exam room. The ability to perform blood work, urinalysis, and other tests in-house are especially important for critical cases. We also perform certain routine health screenings as also part of your pet’s wellness care.

When a physical exam and laboratory testing simply aren’t enough to effectively assess your pet’s condition, we provide advanced imaging services. These tools include radiographs (x-rays) and ultrasound. They allow us to look inside your pet’s body and learn precisely what’s ailing them. We use imaging to evaluate the bones and internal organs, identifying injuries, diagnosing illness, and determining the severity of the problem. Images can be analyzed by our doctor in real-time or shared electronically with specialists when necessary.